Job Description

Creative Youth Program Director

Position Summary:

Are you passionate about helping youth in the community and making a lasting impact on someone’s life? We are currently seeking a dedicated youth worker who will serve as a positive role model to support, lead, and encourage young people. You will have the chance to encourage positive behavior, and facilitate activities to promote overall welfare of participants, all while continuing to develop your management skills. Accelerate your career while doing a job that truly matters and enjoy the intrinsic rewards of helping young people learn transferable job skills while pursuing their high school diploma.

Essential/Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Provide assistance at program facilities by enforcing rules, modeling positive behavior, and serving as a mentor for young people.
  2. Oversee daily operations of learning areas including maintaining safety, organizing facilities, and displaying appropriate signage daily.
  3. Plan and schedule work-related tasks for the entire youth staff including training events and morale-building activities.
  4. Assess group dynamics and collaborate with leadership personnel to create activities for desired outcomes such as relationship building, positive social interaction, and improved self-confidence.
  5. Complete activity assessments as required.
  6. Foster collaboration and leadership among participants by adding activities that promote teamwork and encouraging participants to actively pursue responsibility.
  7. The position supports all studio programs and curricula for all members (grades 9th - 12th) and assists with all special projects and supportive functions related.
  8. Creates an environment of clear structure and boundaries and utilizes positive youth discipline and behavior guidance as needed.
  9. Participates in training/educational opportunities to expand knowledge and skills.
  10. Handle other duties and responsibilities as deemed necessary or important as assigned by the Executive Director.

Secondary Responsibilities

  1. Interested in the Music and Creative Art Forms
  2. Facilitate affirming rituals and provide work direction to youth daily
  3. Introduce guests, instructors and other stakeholders to youth
  4. Ensure youth remain on task, progress on work projects
  5. The position may require walking and climbing stairs; Light work, exerting up to 20 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 10 pounds of force frequently

Experience and Education

Skills and Abilities

Working Conditions/Other Data


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